The Golden Collection

I highly recommend this excellent collection of pieces of varying difficulty from Grade 1 to Grade 5, consisting of 42 famous pieces arranged and compiled by my friend Stanislav Hvartchilkov.

This book is a welcome new addition to the repertoire for this level and a great tool for teachers. It contains music that Millennials hardly ever hear but is an absolute must! It is indeed a high-quality publication which, I believe, will become a staple for guitar teachers. To buy it head to Stani’s website or listen to some of the audio here

I am very proud to say that my wife Alex designed the wonderful covers and everything else a graphic designer does (and this website too!) – it is truly beautiful to look at. Ilyana Boshikyova, also a very talented young lady, created the lovely watercolour guitar illustration. Have a look at her other paintings here.  Kiril Boshikyov, yet another Bulgarian guitarist, and friend of ours did the music engraving and editing. I stayed on the side, drank beer and cheered loudly.

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