Da Capo playing at Wren Academy

Photo courtesy of Wren Academy

On Friday 15th September I and a few colleagues from the Da Capo Music Foundation played for our future students in the primary school at Wren Academy. Each of us showed our instruments to them and played a little bit. As an ensemble, we played a selection of 3 pieces, one of which was Rossini’s overture to William Tell. When they heard the jumpy theme they all spontaneously started clapping. At this moment we all started smiling and this reminded me why I love working with young children – their communication is always pure, emotional and transparent. Their minds are not yet tarnished by the prejudices of the world or misinterpreted terminology. I also teach music to whole Nursery and Reception classes at another school, and along with the little guitarists, these are a few of my favorite hours of the week.

It has been half a term since Da Capo took over the instrumental teaching at both the primary and secondary school at Wren Academy, and we, teachers and students, have had lots of fun. Looking forward to seeing music blossom there!